10 Years of Shell Belle Couture

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13th May 2021
The making of couture lace lingerie…
4th August 2021

10 Years of Shell Belle Couture

This summer marks our 10th anniversary at Shell Belle Couture. 10 years since founder & design director Michelle Blenkinsopp-Guild combined her love of the hedonistic 20s & luxury of travel in the 30s, with her expertise in couture design,

Many of the pieces imagined & created in that very first collection are still as loved today. Standing the test of time & becoming true icons.

Here we share the story of our most iconic piece of Shell Belle Couture; the Seduce Me Gown.

The Seduce Me Gown shot by Geoffrey at Coral Waves Photography

The Inspiration

“I wanted to create a garment that was beautifully feminine & sensual. That flattered everyone. A piece to recreate the glamour of 1920s & 30s, that would become a modern day heirloom in its own right. The shape includes flattering on the hips 30s seaming & a signature fishtail hem.” - Michelle Blenkinsopp-Guild Designer & Founder

From the very beginning Michelle wanted to create more than luxury lingerie & loungewear. She wanted to design & make pieces that made wearers & admirers feel glamorous & beautiful. Transporting them to distance shores from a bygone era. Heightening our most intimate moments.

The Seduce Me Gown shot by Geoffrey at Coral Waves Photography

The Creation

Like every piece of Shell Belle Couture, the Seduce Me Gown is made with only the finest silks. vintage tulle & appliqué French Leavers lace. Sourced from the world’s finest makers.

The craftsmanship involved in the making of French Leavers lace is hundreds of years old. But sadly, the demand for faster, cheaper production has led to it become a dying art. Today there are only a few makers left in the world.

The Seduce Me Gown shot by Geoffrey at Coral Waves Photography

As well as being the world’s most intricate & delicate lace, creating Shell Belle Couture from French Leavers lace helps to keep the expertise alive.

Designed in our studio on the Cornwall, England coast, each piece of couture is bought to life at the hands of expert our machinists. Based on the idyllic, faraway island of Mauritius. The same lingerie couture atelier who made our very first piece.

The Seduce Me Gown shot by Geoffrey at Coral Waves Photography

“As with all our pieces, The Seduce Me Gown is intricately made. Each piece is cut out by hand & pinned to the appliqué lace. After which, each piece is hand-cut again, inside the stitch line, allowing the appliqué lace to sit next to the skin. It’s detail like this that helps every Shell Belle to feel the glamour of a vintage movie star.” - Michelle Blenkinsopp-Guild Designer & Founder

The Result

Available in both creme & noir, the Seduce Me Gown has been a part of Shell Belle’s intimate moments all around the world. From special occasions & overseas adventures, to wedding nights & honeymoons or just ‘because moments’.

Here’s just what a few Shell Belle’s have told us…

Just like the roaring 20s & hedonistic 30s, the glamour & desire for the Seduce Me Gown has truly stood the test of time. An icon of Shell Belle Couture, as loved today as it was 10 years ago.

The Seduce Me Gown shot by Geoffrey at Coral Waves Photography


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