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At Shell Belle Couture we love the Earth as much as you do !
So we are taking the journey to have a positive impact & protect our World for the future.
Responsibility is an important part of our business. At Shell Belle Couture we are working hard to find solutions to the environmental & social challenges facing the Fashion Industry today – from our sourcing & production process to our online retail offering.

We are committed to creating exceptional products with innovation & creativity at the heart of our company, using our expertise spanning over 25 years to choose high end materials, create exemplary designs & produce quality garments with care.
We continually evaluate our Environmental Impact & Community Investment & are taking green steps for positive change.

Being a Luxury Brand with Sustainable Values, we believe in buy once - buy well & the need for Slow Fashion.
Shell Belle Couture is committed to only producing the amount of garments required in order to reduce the waste of raw materials.
As we replace & update processes, labelling & packaging we are moving to upcycled & environmentally considered options.
Any stock or material that are left over are always given another home, whether that be a school or a charity – nothing is wasted.

From the French leavers Lace Makers using century old machines, to supporting our Family run Factory on the beautiful Island of Mauritius we fully value & support our Shell Belle Couture Cycle & all those involved.
We believe in paying above the living wages & giving the skilled workers the true monetary value for their work & ensuring high standards of Worker Welfare. Thus having a positive impact on their families & communities.

Our Sustainable Luxury offers our Shell Belles the choice to fulfill their individual desires by introducing better consumer choices.
All our pieces are precious & intimate, created by highly skilled artisan machinists retaining past skills & values of specialist craftsmanship. Supporting the true craft & values of slow fashion.

Our heritage applique techniques & attention to detail creates heirloom pieces for our Shell Belles to treasure for many years to come.

Taking time to create desirable, beautiful pieces...